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The boys spent the day skiing at Treble Cone and the girls did what girls do best … walked around shopping in Wanaka.




My first time for touching snow and going skiing. Big day for me. Excited and petrified all at once.

It was amazing, but incredibly tiring and very scary at times. I was terrible at it, although my balance wasn’t too bad. Let’s just say that after my morning ski lesson and being taken down a seriously high slope (blue, according to my friends) I was finished and had to be skied down by the ski instructor. She was a rockstar though and I lived to tell the story.

Everyone else had an absolute ball, of course, since they are seasoned skiers. Lucky fish!

Back at camp after a day on the slopes, we grabbed our beers and headed for the spa bath. Frosty cold beer in a steaming hot pool, with lots of laughter and regaling tales of the day. A good end to a great day.





There are few things as beautiful as waking to the view of rolling green hills, draped in mist. It is cold and makes you appreciate the mug of steaming condensed milk coffee even more.

It was a slow morning in Murchison with attempted fishing by Worsie & Petal, followed by pancakes being made by Brooks (aka CP1 – campervan pikanien 1), before setting off for the west coast.

First stop – Buller River. The draw card being jet boating, which we didn’t end up doing. We walked across the swing bridge (kind of scary) and followed the “mining trail” which walks you through an old mining setup, with info on how they used to mine before it was all but destroyed by a huge earthquake.

Next stop – Punakaiki. Pancake Rocks and Blowholes. These are amazing limestone rock formations that have corroded over time to look like pancake layers. It’s at the ocean and the “blowholes” bit kicks in with the tide moving in and out and the sea water spraying up through the rock cavities. Awesome to watch, although it wasn’t too active on the day.

Our drive from here to Hokitika was rather nerve wracking. An empty fuel tank and no fuel for 90 km. We almost missed the beautiful coastline views. Not really.

Hokotika. We found the seaside camping site, booked in and went for a long walk on the beach. Beautiful views of the surrounding snow covered mountains. Now isn’t that a wonderful way to end a day?