On the last day of holiday – most people’s holiday, not mine – I decided to head to Boulders Beach with my sister to take photographs and hopefully spend a day chilling at this beautiful quiet little beach. A true gem, but try get there when the crowds are back at work and it is quiet.

For those of you who don’t know, you have to pay an entry fee to get in at Boulders Beach. A lovely solution for this, is the Cape Town My Green Card especially if you plan on frequenting the beach. An excellent saving for Cape Town residents. Not only do we live in the prettiest city in the world, but we have these kinds of benefits too. Score.

Back to the day of chilling. It seems everyone had the same idea. The beach was packed. Kids running around, laughing and swimming. Parents trying to secure a spot on the tiny beach, grabbing kids, applying suncream and the penguins, pretty much hiding. We saw two that were clearly not shy and had found their spot on a rock and weren’t planning on moving, despite the human invasion.

After taking photos, we decided to rather escape the human invasion ourselves and enjoy the rest of the day by driving around the peninsula, enjoying our beautiful Cape Town.

Photo edited using ndpatterns and mextures