Another delightful meal enjoyed at Il Cortile … yes I ate too much, had far too much red wine and that cherry liqueur finished it all off beautifully. I will be sleeping soundly tonight.

Antipasto: Caprese … I can’t tell you how amazing the mozzarella is and the tomatoes are bursting with flavour. The best I have ever tasted, hands down. Just add basilico and it’s a dish fit for kings.

Primi: Parpardella with a meat & orange reduction. Not a typical Italian dish, but delicious.

Secondo: Beef carpaccio with lemon juice & olive oil, steamed green beans & rocket.

Dolce: Baba … a traditional dessert with Polish influence dating centuries back. This dessert is drowned in liqueur. In a good way.

Then we were treated to a shot of liqueur made with “fruit from the mountain”. I definitely tasted cherries. It knocks your breath away. I think it’s a “mampoer” of sorts. Delightful.

Another incredibly simple, incredibly delicious meal.