High tailed it out of the “heel of the boot” of Italy this morning. Lecce and surrounds is very different to the northern regions of Italy. I found the landscape harsher with short, scrubby bushes and stony.

Driving up to Naples, I was delighted to head back into the lush, green hilly landscape. I actually felt my body relax. Strange, but true.

So here we are in Cicciano, staying at Il Cortile. A little treasure hidden behind huge wooden doors, in a small narrow road. We drove past it twice. Yes, we even had thoughts to move onto another place. It really is lovely though … and thank heavens for those wooden doors that closes the world out behind you.

It was very rainy when we arrived, so no chance for nice photos. I will take a few later to post tomorrow.

Meanwhile, we have a typical Neapolitan meal lined up for this evening. My stomach promises to be positively full to bursting … these Italians don’t know when to stop!

Catch up later. I’ll be the one rubbing my belly with satisfaction.