Gallipoli. Where the Mediterranean and Ionian Seas meet.

Gallipoli’s Old Town is built on an island, joined to the mainland by a bridge. You can walk the perimeter of the island in under 10 minutes. Small. The maize of alleys are pretty, with shops offering tourists shells, woven baskets and various curios.

The sea views are pretty and on a hot day like today, very inviting. There is one sandy beach, Spiagga della Purita, but I would definitely not swim there. I could not believe how dirty the beach was. So much litter. This didn’t seem to deter some, who were happily lying on the beach amid the rubbish. I won’t ever complain about the condition of Cape Town’s beaches.

A nice little spot to see if you have nothing else to do, but for me it didn’t rank up there with anything, sorry to say.