There is something to be said for waking up, stepping outside and being surrounded by mountains covered in snow.

Snow all around

A recce of the campsite produced a field of cows behind us, a mad camper sleeping in a 2 man tent, cool cabins and gorgeous daffodils.

A field, cabins, a sleeping campervan mate and daffodils

After breakfast prepared by the boys (Worsie & CP1) we set off for Picton. Stops along the way included a stretch of coast where there were so many seals lying among the rocks, we at first thought they were rocks; a beautiful stretch of black beach with so many washed up trees it was a bit creepy and a pit stop at Kekerengu for coffee and snacks (read cake, pies or anything we felt like at that point in time).

Seals everywhere

Gav & Carolyn going to dip their toes in the South Pacific Ocean

Worn piece of driftwood

Making sand angels

Picton – such a pretty little port town, sandwiched between the hills and deep waters of the Queen Charlotte Sound. Besides being the place to catch ferries between the south and north islands, it is also a great town to stay in for a few days and explore the surrounding wine region. This time around, our visit to Picton was all business. Shop for food, find internet access, book ferry tickets for all our crossings between the islands, book a campsite and get settled in for the night. The more mundane laundry and cooking was followed by watching rugby in the campsite lounge with ever so dull fellow campers who could barely clap in support. Major excitement for the first South Africa game the next day.