7 September 2011

What better way to wake up than with a mug of condensed milk coffee? Slept solidly and woke up feeling surprisingly refreshed.

Had a very lazy morning catching up with my mates over coffee and breakfast before the ladies headed out to do some shopping, leaving the men to get beers and get ready for a braai. If you can call braaing on a gas plate a braai. Then it was time to get packed and head for the airport to start the first leg of our journey to New Zealand.

I can’t lie. I had to sit on my bag to be able to close it. How it went from 19kg to 22,3kg I do not know.

And so ended my second and last day in Australia.

8 September 2011

Landing in Melbourne at 5am is bleak. Most food places are closed and there isn’t really a place for you to sit and wait. And boy did we have a wait. Seven long hours. We did find wifi though – thank you Virgin Business Lounge.

I did not realise that flying from Perth to Melbourne crossed 2 time zones. It’s just something I’ve never thought about. And it’s the same from Melbourne to Christchurch … 2 time zones. And nothing says welcome to a country quite like stringent border control and quizzing on the contents of your bag and whether those hiking boots have ever been used in the bush. Um … no, they are brand spanking new and haven’t even touched grass. *gulp*

Welcome to New Zealand, travelers.