My flight landed in KL at 06:22am – Cape Town time 00:22. Plenty of shops and free wi-fi. My favourite kind of airport. I basically spent the 3 hrs in transit walking around stretching my legs and trying not to eat all the chocolate in my bag.

After boarding and finding my seat in a very empty plane, I strapped in and the minute I closed my eyes I was fast asleep. I basically woke up for food & water. A good four hour sleep later, I landed in Perth.

After over an hour of passport control, border patrol & immigration officials, sniffer dogs and nervous looking people, I finally headed out looking for friendly faces. My fantastic mates tried to pull a fast one on me. They were hiding. There was however a nice gentleman with a sign waiting for Ann Wilson. Of course the bobbing heads behind seats (yes, they tried to hide behind the chairs) and green springbok cap was a dead giveaway. Like they were ever going to leave me stranded.

I’m in Australia people! The other side of the world! It is surreal, but awesome.

What better way to celebrate meeting up with best mates and new acquaintances? A few cold ones. My cider was awesome with the “Serving suggestion: bloody cold” Love it! And so the afternoon was spent chilling and catching up. Beautiful weather, good mates and laughter. That is as it should be.