My family is king. Always there for me and no matter what, I know they will support me in any decision I make and be there for the fallout.

I have the most amazing friends. They support me. They uplift me. They make me smile, laugh and feel special. Spending time with them reminds me how blessed I am to know them and have them in my life. They just get me.

It’s not a good weekend that doesn’t start with a Saturday breakfast with my sister, Colleen, and my niece, Chantell.

I do not like conflict. I am not afraid of it, but will avoid ruffling feathers unnecessarily. If forced I will go for the jugular and I always make sure I draw blood.

I don’t play mind games. I will speak my mind and make sure I know where I stand.

Self preservation is something I practice on a daily basis to ensure that I protect myself from any unnecessary pain.

Nothing will ever compare to the loss of my husband. No pain under the sun will ever come close to that feeling. And I survived that pain and loss. I’m not saying I will be unaffected by other situations. I am saying that I will survive.

I love meeting new people and socialising. For a long time I kept to myself, but now I am absolutely loving the social side of me. Perhaps it is cabin fever, resulting from working at home, but I think it is because I am finally moving on.

I am incredibly excited about the new chapter of my life. Resigning from a company I have worked for for 13 years and taking 4-6 months off to decide what I want to do next, is the ultimate luxury. I am incredibly fortunate to be able to do this.

My home is my refuge. I fill it with things that make me happy and add comfort. I try make sure it is a peaceful place to be and want others to share in that comfort and peace with me.

Sunday nights are still the loneliest night of the week for me.

I love champagne!