It sounds like a very easy thing to do. Letting go. Sometimes you are considered weak for clinging to something that holds no hope or future. But I say that it requires immense bravery and strength to realise that it is time to let go.
Of course, I speak only of myself, when I write this. This is because I need to let go.  I know that I need to let go. 
For over four years I have held on to a life that I once lived. I have kept my heart hidden away from the possibility of moving on. I have closed myself off from the world around me. I have kept parts of myself hidden.
There have been times I thought I was ready to pick up the pieces of my broken heart, stick them back together and give this fragmented heart to somebody else. But I realised that I could never do that. What good is a fragmented heart to someone? What good is a half-hearted attempt at change?
So for four years I have plugged away at sorting myself out. At fixing me. At licking my wounds and putting myself back together again. And I think that I am finally ready to do this. I have dealt with my guilt at moving on, forgiven myself for considering it and accepted that in all of this, letting go doesn’t mean I am going to forget. Letting go doesn’t mean I do not care. It just means that I care enough about me to give myself another chance.