At the close of each year we celebrate the beginning of new things. We make new years resolutions. We promise to give up on bad habits, to treat ourselves better, to spend more time with our family, to just be better to ourselves.

Me, I think of you. I celebrate your life. In our life together, the constant was always you.   But with sadness I now celebrate the 4th new year without you at my side. 2011 … new beginnings. I have to say that I may be ready for new beginnings, but will never forget the past, or you. You, who has helped shape me into the person that I am. You, who showed me what love is. You, who altered me and made me realise all that I can be. I celebrate you.

I was given a gift. I held that gift for 11 years and I didn’t know how precious it was until it was taken away from me. But I take away memories and laughter and more happiness than some people have in ten lifetimes.

And so, at the end of 2010, heading into the new year … never forget those that made your soul sing and your heart soar. Celebrate those that touch your life, each and every single day. Celebrate the here and the now.

To all, I wish mountains of love and affection. More happiness than you can contain in your heart. True joy and contentment and peace.