Those who contemplate the beauty of earth find reserves of strength …

And it is so true. Having spent a weekend in the bush, soaking up the peace and quiet, viewing God’s creatures in their natural habitat, listening to the croaking of the frogs at night time, the stillness of the bush took hold of me.

From the beautiful manmade lodges that gave the comfort and fed me naturally …

Lunch on the deck overlooking the river

Splash pool on suite deck

Ebony Lodge lounge and reception

Bedroom in family suite at Boulders Lodge

Deck and pool of family suite at Boulders Lodge

Lamplit tables at bush dinner

to the beauty in nature …

I could not come away without being touched by it all. Inner peace is hard to come by in the hectic lives we lead and often we lose touch with ourselves. Sitting quietly, feeling small in the presence of the immense peace, I knew that I was again leaving a piece of myself behind, but taking so much away with me.