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I bought the book “Love Letters of Great Men” to see how the men waxed lyrical to their women in days of old. 

Here is one from Pliny the Younger to his wife, Calpurnia –

You will not believe what a longing for you possesses me.  The chief cause of this is my love;  and then we have not grown used to be apart.  So it comes to pass that I lie awake a great part of the night, thinking of you; and that by day, when the hours return at which I was wont to visit you, my feet take me, as it is so truly said, to your chamber, but not finding you there I return, sick and sad at heart, like an excluded lover. The only time that is free from these torments is when I am being worn out at the bar, and in the suits of my friends. Judge you what must be my life when I find my repose in toil, my solace in wretchedness and anxiety. Farewell.

Or Ludwig van Beethoven’s letter to his unnamed ‘Immortal Beloved’

You – my Life – my All – farewell.  
Oh, go on loving me – never doubt 
the faithfullest heart
Of your beloved L
Ever thine
Ever mine
Ever ours

I do miss the art of writing and receiving letters. There is nothing better than being able to hold the slightly worn pages of an old love letter in your hands, re-reading the declarations of love and feeling the emotions it stirred up in you the first time you read it. For those agonising over lost love, it’s a small part of their past. For those looking back on current loves, it’s a reminder to celebrate love and tell those dear to you, what they mean to you. For those who have lost loved ones, it is a treasure trove of happy memories of love.

I challenge you to take up the pen, literally … and write someone a love letter today.


Sometimes there is only an echo of you …

… an echo of shared moments
… an echo of laughter
… an echo of love
… an echo of conversations
… an echo of us

… sometimes there is only an echo of you