I have the wanderlust, thanks to various people going on roadtrips and weekends away. I’m pretty bleak that I don’t have an overseas trip planned for this April – March is usually the month of getting my visa sorted out and final bits and pieces in place for a holiday. I miss having that excitement and something to look forward to.

So I had to make a plan. Today I booked 7 nights in the Kruger National Park for my parents, my sister and myself. It is going to be a roadtrip and holiday rolled all into one. And you just cannot beat a bush holiday. I cannot wait.

2008 was the first time I’d been back to the Kruger since I was about 5 years old, and I have no clear memories of that trip other than reminders on old reel-to-reel movies that my dad took back in the day. One thing I learnt during the 2008 trip … I love the bush!
I am so looking forward to driving through the bush, never knowing what animals you’re going to stumble upon, the morning and afternoon game drives, watching the sun rise and set, sitting around the fire, eating potbrood (thanks to my dad), listening to the lions roar at night when they’ve made a kill and the hyenas hanging around the camps. And peace and quiet, nothing around you but a vast expanse of bush. Bliss.