21 April 2007 – Almost three years. Three years of missing you.

I still cannot drive that road without thinking about that day. Your birthday. It was supposed to be a special day. It was an unforgettable day. I got the call and had to go to you. I had to drive through the panic, through the fear. I had to hear the words that you were gone. I had to make the calls to say that you were gone.

I held your hand while others milled around. I touched your face … your handsome face that wasn’t going to smile again. Your strong hands that would never hold mine again. I would never hear your laughter again, or your beautiful voice speaking to me.

My best friend. My soulmate. The one who got me! How do I make it through life without you?

Here I am, almost three years down the road, and the pain is still so real. I think about you constantly, sometimes with tears and sometimes with smiles. Never forgotten, my love!