When asked if I had any resolutions or goals for 2010, I had to honestly reply that I did not.

This got me thinking – is my lack of goals or resolutions a bad reflection on me?  Having floated along seemingly aimless for the past 2 1/2 years, it annoys me to feel this way, directionless.

BUT, I really like what Alice (http://twitter.com/al_ice) said – affirmation and intention – these are the positive things that we can lay down – stepping stones to living life to the best of our ability.

And I do have a few stepping stones …

Express gratitude for the small things in life, they are a gift and should be treated with respect. Sometimes small things can lead to big things – be positive at all times.
Always tell those I love, how I feel about them. Say the words, this could make their day.
Spend quality time with my family. One day they might not be around anymore and I don’t want to have regrets.
Be a good friend … listen, be supportive, give back.
Be more kind than I need to be, more compassionate and understanding. 
Always listen to the little voice inside, it’s been put there for a reason.
Don’t make people a priority in my life who won’t even make me an option in theirs.
Spend quality time with me, allow myself to recharge and regroup. I’m the only one who can keep myself together.
Live every moment to the fullest, love with my whole heart, laugh often.

… small things that can make a big difference.

What are your affirmations and intentions for 2010 and the future?